Mercredi 04 mai 2011

Some Useful Skills for IPhone4

There are several useful skills for working with iPhone 4. In this article, I am going to present you some which I think are really comfortable for users. It could be some of them are even not realized.

  1. Speed dial while phone was locked. Ordinarily, in that case, we might unlock phone first and next dial the number. As a matter of fact, you can dial any number instantly after pressing the emergency dialing in the left bottom of the interface of input password. Do not trick by the “Emergency call”.
  2. Fast punctuation input. While you are entering a message and you want to put in punctuation, slide “123” button to the punctuation you intended to insert, and then you will see that the punctuation has been input along with the keyboard has been back to abc. Besides, any time you press space after insert, the keyboard will back to alphanumeric keyboard also. That is considerate. What’s even more, a full stop will probably be inserted in case you double click space.
  3. Safari. Press the status bar on the top of the screen, the web will jump to the beginning of webpage. Press the empty area on the left/right/bottom, the web will turn to relevant website.
  4. If the text you input is beyond textbox, and also there is not slider on it, please employ two fingers to roll the screen. IPhone can be acquired to multi-touch.
  5. Hold certain letters on keyboard while input text, the related Latin common letters will popup.
  6. Resist calls. Press volume button to resist a call while your phone is in lock, after that the phone could be silent mode.
  7. Press home for 8 seconds to back to the main interface.
  8. After Google maps fixed location, merely probably range will be present on screen together with mark by a sight, if that's the case, please utilize Replace Pin/ Drop Pin, then will likely be locate the center of the mark.
  9. In the interface of change time and also date, from 1 AD to 99999 AD are offered, does this mean Apple Company think future warrior may use iPhone, and there is no possibility that you are even older than Jesus?
  10. When you are taking a photo by iPhone 4, please hold the shoot button, locate a view, then you can press anywhere of the screen to take a picture.
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Mercredi 20 avril 2011


The MOTOROLA BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR (3G) is a smart phone, which has a QWERTY keyboard, high resolution, 3. 1 inches HVGA screen, Wi - Fi wireless Internet and 5 million mega-pixel cameras and new unique BACKTRACK. Backtrack is a panel located in the back of the screen, which provides you with a new way to scroll web pages, text, E-mail and news sources without affecting the main screen display.


What is backflip? Backflip is connecting the screen and keyboard part of the phone simply by using a back to hinge axis. With this design, the screen might possibly rotate 190°in order to unfold the total size keyboard or perhaps rotate 45°or 60°to make the device to be a desktop player.

We found that this design is quite exquisite. When you rotate the screen to 30°,the following opening process might possibly be totally automatic. While, if the angle beyond 30°, the screen might possibly stand isolated. This semi-automatic design maximum provides convenience to consumers.

The features of the backflip design are the screen and keyboard could possibly be outside, which tremendously enhance the playability of the cellpbohe. In reality this design which designed by Motorola blends the essence of the candy bar, flip and full keyboard cell phones, and changes the traditional design patterns of the mobilephone market.

The final purpose of any designs will be serving for users and also the most important point is that an innovative design whether could conquer the users. Thus, let’s see the changes that the backflip design brings us.

Desktop alarm mode

Can you remember a scene in movies or maybe in your life: you sleep very well in the morning and suddenly the alarm sounds and you hurry to look for your cellphone to look at time. Certainly, the history won’t repeat itself. You could put this mobilephone within the bedside in the desktop alarm mode to be an electronic alarm. Sometimes a tiny adjust will surprise you substantially.

Watching network videos freely

We have stated previously that the rotation process of ME600 is a semi-automatic process, so the users might possibly freely alter the angle to the most convenience position. Actually we could watch more videos through a third party video web. Many users might possibly feel that the lay down keyboard will bring on error managing, while in actual use process we found that the keyboard will certainly automatically close up the keyboard function if it is not inside full keyboard state. Thus, any error press won’t lead to error operate.

Share images with a gentle click

Enter the album we could see a stereo photo showing wall, we could freely select any photograph. If we choose the slide mode, it'll be more wonderful. In this mode, the whole album might possibly move up. All the photographs could switch, blur and upgrade according to the advanced settings. Click on the menus, we will see much more choices. We could share the photos, add labels for them and list the photographs together which have uniform attribute so that we could watch more conveniently. Or in case you have a PPT album about your travel or something else, you can share it to your friends. You might transfer it into a video with a PowerPoint to video converter . With this software, you might add your own watermark, audio and records of your PPT album.

A key search when enjoy music

As we all known that music is a language without borders. No matter you are a classic music lovers or simply leaders of fashion world, music probably will make you find the most natural you.

The ME600’s music mode is so natural and only a light press might possibly change the songs. When you add a widget in the desktop, you may enjoy music on the desktop. Needless to say, Android system is a terminal that inseparable with network. If you listen to a wonderful song, you only need to click the song’s information, and then you could see the details of the song in Google. Hence, providing your music contains this information, you could search details in the internet.

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Mercredi 13 avril 2011

learn PPT skills form movies

Today I’d like to discuss films. I remember that at one time someone has talked about the similarities between movie poster design and PPT design. Therefore I’d prefer to change the perspective to ascertain if perhaps there are any kind of similarities between films as well as PPT.


Story guide: This movie says the anti-terrorists are attacked by the terrorist. While the hero Jack, who against the government’s requests openly, struggles with terrorist and lastly arrests these folks within Twenty four hours.

Remark: Fight against terrorist. You will win the battle if you win the time.

Q: How to make a PPT quickly?

The boss wants you to create a PPT and ordinarily they provide you with a short time or even 1 night. At this time, it’s meaningless for you to complain or maybe cease the work. So what can you do? Okay, pay attention to a few of my personal options as follows:

First, lessen the time of accomplishing it by your own. If you have a co-worker or possibly subordinate, the fast way to complete it is group work. Therefore disperse the task directly into TWO or maybe more people and sum it up them once they finished the appointed component. And then combine and optimize all of them right into a entire one. Using this method, you needn’t to create PPT all the night. But, the crafting levels and thoughts of your colleagues and subordinates could disaccord with yours.

Second, shorten the time of seeking resources. You ought to collect some resources in habitual and generate your personal material collection, including photos, templates and PPT that were composed before. Don’t spend your time and effort upon seeking resources temporarily as possible as you can.

At last, reduce the space that would still compose. You need to complete the task your employer sent you and the time is quite tight. Do you think it’s beneficial to write a long essay on your PPT? Hey, to be a a bit more practical, you are able to choose some fully developed templates, including TG templates. There's a normal character of templates that is a little textual content articles. So it is able to keep your PPT beautiful and also confirm that you could go to sleep before 2: 00.


Story guide: an airliner has been crashed on a Pacific island and FORTY-EIGHT passengers are survived. Facing the empty island, how could they live longer? They're dissimilar to nationality, race, culture background and personality. They'd to overcome the poor climate and look for foods. What’s more, they'd to suffer from a mystical creature who makes a horrific sound during the night. The most crucial is they should combat with their personal desires and eliminate estrangement and work together to survive.

Remark: as soon as face to new issues or perhaps new environment, anyone may be dropped.

Q: How to study PPT quickly.

I feel a large number of people wish to study it quickly. Therefore, I will provide you with a few options.


First, excite your inner motivation. Curiosity is the greatest coach on the planet. You generally generate PPT as your work or perhaps some kind of stress. So I don’t believe that your PPT skills will be improved greatly. Therefore, it is advisable to excite your interest of it.


Second, research it with a whole day. If you are unfamiliar with PPT operation, you could spend an entire day upon studying it. Except for eating and sleeping, do absolutely nothing. Simply click and try out each button on the menus of PPT. You should do nothing except for becoming acquainted with the functions.

At last, look a lot more, think a lot more and exercise a lot more. Quickly raise PPT abilities is really a “fake proposition” in itself. It’s the same as that I consult you how to get rich quickly? The most effective answer should be robbing a bank. So, much more haste, much less speed. You can read more magazines and think about why they appear so amazing in your daily life. If you discover some terrific style, you could record it. Most certainly, you can consult a PPT master-hand in case you don’t find out how to realize the effect. I believe your PPT level will probably be tremendously improved if you insist on doing it.

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Mardi 12 avril 2011

Enjoy movies with a psp

PSP, a fashionable digital entertainment handheld, who has 16: 9 4. 3inches screen, may be the perfect choice to watch movies. Hence we’ll focus on ways to play videos in PSP.

Introduce of formats supported by PSP

The official supports: MP4, AVC, 720MP4, UMD-VIDEO

Homebrew software supports: AVI, PMP, PMP-AVC, HAVC, etc.

MP4 is the most primitive format of PSP, each of the version of PSP can certainly support it. If you want to observe flash in PSP, you could possibly switch SWF to MP4 first.

Of course, you must download a SWF to video converter at first. With this converter, you might edit the video files. Such as, you can choose background color for output files; Crop the videos to a proper size; eliminate the unnecessary portions of black image from the original SWF files; it's also possible to add animated logo and gif with transparency as watermark; clearly you can capture the scene as an graphic. The most important, it will keep the original clearness and fluency to confirm high-quality conversion.

The placement of the films and the playback way in PSP

Apart from the traditional movie formats which supported by office, the placement and play back way of the other formats is simple and similarly. So we’d only detailed propose the placement and play back of traditionally formats (MP4, AVC).

Video file placement

Because of the official requirement, the above video formats both have specific request of filename and placement position, and that is not easy as MP3 location.

Right location and naming solutions are as follows:

Tips: The filename should be the same with the video filename. Suffix file for. THM is a preview file, but in fact it is a JPG graphic which size will be 160*120. It is possible to keep on being it or eliminate it. Put it together with the video to preview.

This photograph commonly is produced during converting. If you need, you can actually pick a graphic which relates to the movie and utilizes a tool to transfer the size into 160*120. And then, change the suffix name of this photograph from JGP to HTM and filename to the same name with the movie. Finally, place it with the above technique.

Play back and operation of the PSP movie

Place the file and back to the main interface of PSP, choose VIDEO -> Memory Stick and it might be played at this moment. the operation is reasonably convenient during playing and we will see operation details if you press “△”.

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Lundi 11 avril 2011

Share ppt albums on plasma tv with your students

The full name of the plasma TV is Plasma Display Panel. It is a device which inserted mixture gas between 2 pieces of ultra-thin glass and imaging by using screen phosphor with applied voltage. When compared to CRT kinescope display, it has features of high resolution, large screen, ultra-thin display, plentiful and shiny colors. While compared to LCD, it has qualities such as high brightness, high contrast, large visible angle, brilliant color and numerous interfaces.

The characteristics of a plasma TV

The thin and light function of the PDP display module decides the general corresponding structure of the display. Meanwhile, the thickness of the display needn’t to be enlarged regardless if the width of the display has been enlarged.

Wide visual angle

PDP contains a 160°visual angle not only in left and right but also in up and down. And it is the same with CRT. However LCD only features a 120°visual angle in horizontal direction and even more less in vertical direction.

Preventing electromagnetic interference

Due to the difference of the display principle, the photos of PDP almost won’t be interfered by the outside electromagnetic interference like motor as well as loudspeaker and so on. In contrast, the CRT might be interfered much more from these elements.

Simple flat photos without distortion

The RGB grid of the PDP is in a uniform distribution. However, the uneven internal surface of the simply flat CRT will certainly bring on a typical pillow distortion. And once the local luminance of the photograph is uneven, the CRT will create corresponding photograph distortion. While, there will be no this kind of phenomenon in PDP.

Since you'll find so many advantage of plasma TV, you can have an attempt on it. As for a family use, what if we want to observe PPT albums on this TV.

The 1st one could be work with a pc and connected them to observe this. And the other could be burn PPT to DVD and enjoy it on TV. Next, we will view the guidelines of burn a DVD.

Step 1: Prepare the materials.

First of all, you need a blank disc and a converter. You will find too much converters on the net, and you might possibly download one.

Step 2: Put the disc into the CD-ROM drive and run the converter program.

Step 3: import PPT files and undertake primary adjustments.

You could personalize the titles and transition time by pressing the “customize”. Furthermore, you might simply click “advanced setting” to regulate the basic parameters. Next simply click “options” to set the output folder and output format. Click “menu” and the menu of the DVD will probably be automatically created. Moreover, you can select a background picture for the menu on the drop-down menu of “select menu templates”. If you want to add some demonstration as well as audio, you might click “music” to accomplish it. Likewise, you can add your unique logo by pressing “Logo”.

Step 4: burn

After all the settings, there coming the most important step. Burn your PPT album into DVD. Now, go and enjoy your PPT album together with your family members on a plasma TV.

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